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Gettysburg Agway is a unique retail business. We sell a wide variety of products. We are first and foremost a feed store. You can find feed for all manner of farm animals, horses, cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, poultry, llamas and alpacas. We carry a wide variety of food for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, and caged birds. We have several lines of premium wild bird foods and many wildlife food items, including feed for deer, squirrels, farm pond fish and landscape pond koi.

We have all the supplies you need to care for all the critters mentioned previously. Things like feeders, waterers, brushes, combs, collars, leads, halters, bowls, cups, cages, fencing, gates, rakes, brooms, and shovels. Plus we have bedding materials, medicines, and vet supplies, fly and rodent controls, and many other items.

Gettysburg Agway is also a garden center that specializes in locally grown annuals and perennials. We have built a reputation for having unusual plants as well as the more common favorites. In addition to the wide variety of plants, we carry a full line of planting aids from soils and mulches to fertilizers and sprays. Many of the fertilizers and sprays are natural organic products that are hard to find in the big box retailers. Pots and planters of all sizes, hanging baskets, and window boxes in terra cotta, resin, and metal are available.

We carry several different vegetable seed lines. This diversity allows us to have a very complete offering of vegetables from both northern and southern regions. We sell onion sets and certified seed potatoes, and hard to find rhubarb, horseradish, and asparagus roots. Did I mention vegetable plants? We get veggies from 3 local growers and 1 large national grower, again, it’s all about selection and quality. Now that we’ve sold you the plants, we also carry the preserving and canning supplies, ball canning jars, and Mrs. Wages pickling and tomato sauce mixes, just to name a few that you’ll need to keep your harvest and enjoy it during the winter months.

If bird and wildlife feeding/watching is your hobby, we’ve got you covered. Our wild bird section has a wide variety of feeders from tubes to platforms, ranch style to squirrel proof, worm, nectar and jelly, from many different manufacturers. There are many types of suet and blocks along with Premium Foods and commodity items.

Just like an old country store, we have many other items for your home from nuts and bolts to wind chimes and spinners, plumbing and electrical supplies to candy and pancake mixes.

So stop by and have a look around, you never know what you might find.

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The Sgt. Mac Foundation is a non-profit organization formed to honor the memory of Gettysburg native,
Marine Sgt. Eric McColley. They take part in the
National Wreath Project.
Check out the video here.

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